If you’re having trouble deciding which style of window treatments is right for your home, check out some of our blog posts below! We feature a variety of topics including custom blinds, Hunter Douglas shutters, and premium window shades. Contact us today to learn more about anything that piqued your interest!

6 Ways Plantation Shutters Will Transform Your Home

The right window coverings have the ability to transform your house to a home. Plantation shutters, specifically, offer key transformative features that allow homeowners to create a more upscale space, bring design full circle, and add a touch of subtle elegance. Here...

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Why are solar shades important for your storefront?

Business owners are finding that solar shades are a great fit for their storefront windows, keeping themselves and their customers happy in the Florida sunshine and heat. Solar shades - available in both motorized and manual options - help block harmful UV rays and...

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Are motorized shades right for you?

Like many other homeowners and business owners, the thought of motorized window shades might have piqued your interest when considering the right window coverings for your space. These shades offer you a number of benefits, but you may still be wondering whether they...

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Are Shutters Safe for My Children and Pets?

Little hands and paws are inherently fascinated by window treatments, so it’s only natural for parents and pet owners to be wary when purchasing new window coverings. The less hazards in a window treatment, the safer they are. For that reason, window shutters are the...

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5 Shutter Designs Florida Homeowners Should Know About

As Florida residents we know why it is referred to as “The Sunshine State”. While natural light and heat from the sun can be helpful in heating savings, we also know that the sunshine can easily overheat our homes, as well as fade our furnishings and flooring. Window...

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Get the Best Bang for Your Buck with Blinds

If you are on a budget and looking for window treatments, blinds are an excellent choice. Window blinds are one of our favorite and affordable options for beautiful window coverings. Easy to clean Blinds offer easy maintenance and cleaning for homeowners, as they can...

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