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If you’re having trouble deciding which style of window treatments is right for your home, check out some of our blog posts below! We feature a variety of topics including custom blinds, shutters, and premium window shades. Contact us today to learn more about anything that piqued your interest!

Graber® vertical blinds in a home near Jacksonville, FL

4 Perks of Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds have been a favorite window treatment for decades, and for good reason—they offer aesthetic appeal and practical benefits that Jacksonville, FL, homeowners love. Homeowners and interior designers like the perks provided by vertical blinds, including...

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Graber® Layered Shades near Jacksonville, Florida (FL)

Add Stunning Depth with Layered Shades

Volume and movement are two elements that remain consist markers of good interior design practices. No matter what size or how well-lit a space is, the right combination of layout and window covering has the power to brighten up any room, give it a new life, and add...

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Luminette® Privacy Sheers near Jacksonville, Florida (FL) and other wide window shade options from Hunter Douglas

Wide Window Shade Options

Finding the perfect window treatment for your space is a fun challenge, but a challenge, nonetheless. With a variety of fabrics, materials, shapes, and styles, the world of windows is a large one. This task can be even more difficult for wide windows often seen in...

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Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades near Jacksonville, Florida (FL), that help reduce energy bills

Adding Roller and Solar Shades to Homes

The Florida summer season holds lots of fun pool days and beach afternoons ahead. Of course, all this summer fun needs to be approached with some caution. No one wants to come home with a nasty sunburn! That is why we break out the floppy hats, sunscreen, and, and...

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Provenance® Woven Wood Shades near Jacksonville, Florida (FL), that offer light-filtering properties and durable styles

Adding Woven Wood Shades to Homes

From stunning beaches to swaying palm trees, Florida’s beauty is unlike any other. After all, there is a reason why people often refer to it as a little slice of paradise! With nature being so beautiful, it is understandable that we try to incorporate it in as many...

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Sonnette® Cellular Shades near Jacksonville, Florida (FL), that keeps your home’s energy bills low

Adding Sonnette® Cellular Shades to Homes

Life is all about surrounding ourselves with things that intrigue us. For example, if you love romantic movies, then enjoying a good rom-com is a great mood booster. If you are a lover of art, then going to an art museum on the weekends will give you a good refresh...

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Hunter Douglas Silhouette® Window Shading near Jacksonville, Florida (FL), that offers soft lighting and style

Shades That Offer Soft Lighting

With summer in full swing, the days are lighter, brighter, and hotter. While this makes for a great pool or beach day, having hot, bright sunlight constantly beating down on us can get a little agitating. This is especially true if we let the sun constantly stream...

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Selecting your Hunter Douglas Window Treatments near Pennsauken, New Jersey (NJ) including Shades and Sheers

Selecting Hunter Douglas Window Treatments

When you’re choosing what design features, furniture, and appliances to purchase for your home, you want to know that you are making an investment in quality products. You take the time to carefully curate your desired design, and you want to know it will last. That’s...

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Deciding between Genuine & Faux Wood Blinds near Jacksonville, Florida (FL), for Home Kitchens

Deciding Between Genuine & Faux Wood Blinds

We have to make decisions every day. From deciding between cereal or oatmeal for breakfast to deciding whether you want to watch a comedy or romance movie before bed, our days are filled with decision. These decisions even make their way into our home design plans!...

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Woodlore™ Shutters near Jacksonville, Florida (FL), that can stand up to the intense weather

Adding Woodlore™ Shutters to Homes

There is no doubt that wood shutters are beautiful. However, we can understand your hesitation with adding wood to your Florida home. After all, combine salty air, humidity, and intense sunshine and you can wreak some serious havoc on wood! Does this mean you can...

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Adding Hunter Douglas Honeycomb Shades to Homes near Jacksonville, Florida (FL), for Custom Lighting

Adding Honeycomb Shades to Homes

As Florida residents, it is very common to walk into a room that feels extremely hot after we’ve accidentally left our window treatments open. We can also feel like the room is incredibly bright despite the shades being drawn! Since Florida’s weather can soar in the...

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Favorite Fall Window Treatments for Homes near Jackson, Florida (FL), including Energy Efficient Shades.

Favorite Fall Window Treatments for Homes

Even though the Sunshine State has warm temperatures all year long, us Floridians can still get excited for the fall season! From carving pumpkins to watching scary movies, autumn holds the promise of many exciting things to come. Another example of this excitement is...

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