An office’s window treatment choice provides character and lets others know what your company is about, which makes it important to choose the right one for your office space. Read on to learn more about the commercial blind options for offices near Jacksonville, FL.

For Offices that See a lot of Light

As the Sunshine State knows, the Florida sun can get intense. While wide windows that let in the light can boost productivity and morale, direct sunlight can result in harsh glares, headaches, and possibly employees wearing sunglasses inside. Luckily, the middle ground of pleasant lighting can be found with both Alta and Norman vertical blinds from Florida Custom Blinds. Vertical blinds provide wide slats that block harsh sunlight and various fabric options that diffuse intense UV rays into a soft glow so your office can enjoy all of the benefits of light without any of the negative side effects. This makes vertical blinds one of the best commercial blind options for offices near Jacksonville, FL.

For Offices that Want Beauty and Durability


Custom faux-wood blinds are the perfect option for offices that want the aesthetic benefits of wooden slats and the durability of modern materials. Made to look like wood blinds but built with synthetic materials, the faux-wood blind collection from Florida Custom Blinds can handle harsh climates without cracking, breaking, or bending.

Choose from ultra-realistic options like the Hunter Douglas Alternative Wood Blinds featuring a TruGrain® finish, Alta Faux Wood Blinds that provide various operating systems, or Norman’s collection of faux wood blinds that provide a routless feature that gets rid of cord holes for added privacy and sun protection. No matter which blind you choose, these sturdy yet beautiful blinds are a great choice when looking at commercial blind options.

For Offices that Want A Clean Look

If you think your office would benefit from a sleek, clean look that requires little upkeep, consider adding custom aluminum blinds to the mix. Sleek, unique, and modern, aluminum blinds will go perfectly with any current office décor, making them one of the best commercial blind options for offices near Jacksonville, FL. Choose from a variety of aluminum blind options to find your perfect match, including:

Hunter Douglas Modern Precious Metals® that boast sleek, thin slats that allow you to achieve perfect light control and a clean appearance. Choose from various finishes and textures to enjoy a truly unique and beautiful blind.

Alta Modern Metallica that offers low maintenance with its dust-resistant finish and spring-tempered slats that bounce back to their original shape after experiencing dents or kinks. Choose from classic, cost-efficient shades to premium options that feature heavy-duty slats to achieve your perfect custom window treatment.

Norman USA City Lights™ that offer smart steel rails that provide ease of operation, strength, and a worry-free guarantee for years to come. Choose from a variety of modern colors to find your perfect office look.



Finding the perfect blind for your office space can be hard, but it does not have to be. With Florida Custom Blinds, your office will look great in no time. To learn more about the best commercial blind options for offices in Jacksonville, FL, be sure to contact or visit from Florida Custom Blinds today!

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