The right window coverings have the ability to transform your house to a home. Plantation shutters, specifically, offer key transformative features that allow homeowners to create a more upscale space, bring design full circle, and add a touch of subtle elegance.

Here are six ways plantation shutters will transform your home.

1. Improve resale value

Whether you’re planning on selling your home now or far into the future, installing plantation shutters in your home will quickly increase its value. Not only will potential buyers love the design element that shutters bring, but also the value they add.

2. Allow for privacy


In Florida’s tight knit community set up, homes are often close to one another – close enough to see into your neighbor’s home, and they into yours. Plantation shutters allow you and your family the privacy you crave; you’ll be able to open and close the shutters as you see fit – day or night.

3. Muffle noise

Similarly, shutters can help muffle the sounds of the outdoors; whether kids playing outside or the neighbor mowing the lawn. With an extra layer of sound barrier on your windows, you’ll be able to dampen exterior noises from coming into your home and enjoy the peace and quiet.

4. Complete the look


Plantation shutters have the design capability to finish off the look of your room or entire home. We offer many color options, whether you prefer a rich stain or a Florida feel with a painted white shutter. No matter what your style, the subtle design element of your window treatments will complete your design look.

5. Improve efficiency


What Florida homeowner doesn’t want a lower electricity bill in the summer? Air conditioning isn’t inexpensive, but you could help improve the efficiency of cooling and heating your home with plantation shutters.

In the warmer months, keeping your shutters closed while the sun is shining in your home will help keep the A/C from running as often. In the cooler months, opening your shutters during the day will decrease the need for the heat to turn on in your home.

6. Child & Pet safety


Your home should be a safe haven for you and your family. Since plantation shutters are cordless, they do not pose a hazard for your beloved little ones or furry friends. Why not add plantation shutters to your home and rest easy knowing your children and pets are safe from dangling cords and choking hazards?

There’s no question that plantation shutters can truly transform your home and make it the dream space you’ve always wanted.

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