Business owners are finding that solar shades are a great fit for their storefront windows, keeping themselves and their customers happy in the Florida sunshine and heat. Solar shades – available in both motorized and manual options – help block harmful UV rays and heat from coming in your windows.

So why are solar shades important for your storefront?

Energy Efficiency

First and foremost, what business owner doesn’t want to improve the energy efficiency of their workplace? Every entrepreneur wants to be able to decrease their monthly electric bill.

Solar shades improve efficiency by blocking excess light and heat from the sun. Without solar shades, you may not need to turn on the heat in the winter; but you’ll be spending much more to cool your store in the summer months.

UV Protection


Since the job of solar shades is to block excess sunlight, they do double duty by blocking ultraviolet rays as well. In general, the darker the solar shades, the more UV protection there is.

This can be particularly helpful for protecting your customers as they sit near the windows in your shop, store, or restaurant.

Protect your Storefront


You may not think of it at first, but the strong Florida sun can do some damage to the flooring, furniture, decorative artwork, and fabrics in your storefront. Often, this is seen as a bleaching or lightening effect.

By installing solar shades, you can better protect the other investments in your business for years to come.

From energy efficiency to UV protection to storefront protection to some privacy, solar shades are most certainly valuable for your storefront.

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