Little hands and paws are inherently fascinated by window treatments, so it’s only natural for parents and pet owners to be wary when purchasing new window coverings.

The less hazards in a window treatment, the safer they are. For that reason, window shutters are the perfect choice.

Cordless & Without Strings

Shutters operate by using hinges, magnets and latches, rather than the threats of cords or strings (which both pets and children enjoy playing with). Other common window treatments move by the use of cords and strings that could add to the unfortunate strangulation cases we hear about every year.

With shutters, parents and pet owners can rest easy knowing that by eliminating cords and strings associated with blinds and shades, the risk of strangulation is removed.

Fire Retardant

Shutters offer parents and pet owners a number of safety benefits past being safe from cords and strings.

Another reason parents love shutters is because some styles are fire retardant. Certain shutter styles made available today are manufactured with materials to slow down (or even stop) the process of catching on fire. Strong and durable, shutters are comprised of composites that include these fire retardant materials.


In addition to fire retardant material, some shutters are also resistant to bacteria, mold, mildew, algae, and other harmful organic substances. This means that your shutters will actually help prevent harmful germs from spreading throughout your home.


Did you know that harmful vapors from building materials in your home can accumulate to dangerous levels? Shutter manufacturers have taken note and now create better solutions.

Today’s shutters are made from VOC-free materials that won’t turn into harmful vapors, keeping your home safe for your family and pets.

Consider investing in shutters in your home to keep your family and pets safe for years to come. Florida Custom Blinds, Shades & Shutters can help you with the customized shutters of your dreams.

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