If you are on a budget and looking for window treatments, blinds are an excellent choice. Window blinds are one of our favorite and affordable options for beautiful window coverings.

Easy to clean

Blinds offer easy maintenance and cleaning for homeowners, as they can be simply dusted for regular cleanings or cleaned with soap and water for a deeper cleaning. They are also less likely to hold allergens compared to soft window treatments, such as draperies.

Easy to use

Constructed with drawstring and/or wands, blinds are simple to open slats to allow light in or drawn all the way up or down, depending on time of day or light preference.

Light control

Speaking of light preference: blinds are quick to control the amount of light coming into your home. For that reason, these treatments are a great way to increase natural light or remove it entirely for a lazy Sunday watching movies.

Variety of styles

Blinds come in a variety of style options, depending on what is best for your home and decor style. Here are the most common options:

  • Wood blinds: Eco-friendly and natural, real wood blinds offer the authenticity and texture of real wood grain.
  • Faux wood blinds: This cost-effective option gives you the look of real wood without the price tag. They are also easy to clean and resistant to warping and cracking.
  • Aluminum blinds: Match any style or decor with budget-friendly aluminum blinds. Their versatility and durability is unmatched.
  • Vertical blinds: A great option for sliding glass doors, vertical blinds can help keep temperature controlled inside your home, along with privacy and light control.

Blinds offer one of the most budget friendly window covering options available. Get started today with Florida Custom Blinds, Shades & Shutters and let us help you discover the best option of blinds for your home.

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